The Open Box K Ranch L.L.C. Irish Black Cattle
Why Irish Blacks?



6 Reasons to Choose Irish Blacks and Irish Reds:

1. Genetic Purity:  The breed has four decades of closed book line-breeding behind it creating a very small gene pool.  All registered animals have been DNA tested to guarantee parentage, this ensures that the breed remains 100% pure.

2. Genetic Concentration:  Genetic consistency ensures the ability of Irish Blacks® and Irish Reds® to transmit desirable genetic performance traits to their offspring.

3. Fertility:  Mature, 18-month and older bulls are capable of breeding 50-70 females. 

4. Carcass Quality:  Consistently score extremely high for carcass genetics, particularly in tenderness in marbling.  Ultrasound data confirms consistent real world performance, and the hot performance on the rail is phenomenal.

5. Marketing Flexibility:  Increase profit in every niche of the cattle industry.  From cow/calf, back grounding or finishing on grain or grass.  These cattle will help increase your profits no matter what operation you are in.

6. Environmental Flexibility:  Cattle have been successful in every production environment in the United States and up into Canada.  They perform well at high-altitude rangeland and do not succumb to any "brisket" disease, as well as humid coastal regions.  They have the hair to withstand the coldest of winters, but the ability to slick off and handle the heat. 

Performance Traits:

•Short gestation period of 277 days.

•Excellent mother traits.

•High milk production

•Smaller teats so calves can latch on easily

•No pendulous udders

•Large pelvic scores

•Vigorous calves with reports of improved calf survival rates

•Moderate framed, cows mature at 1050-1250 lbs. and bulls at 1650-1900 lbs. which means they are cheaper to maintain than larger animals.

•Light birth weights, calves average between low 60's to mid 70's

•Efficient, ratio of less than 5 achievable

•Average Daily Gain greater than 4lbs. achievable

•Easy fleshing, ability to finish by 14 months of age

•High Tenderness

•High Marbling proven by ultrasound and genetic testing

•Back Fat less than .20"

•High carcass weights and HCW % greater than 64%

•Highly fertile, bulls can settle 50-70 cows

•Extreme longevity


•Mild Tempered

•No Brisket Issues